We have a range of Associations connected to the Veneto Club.

Please find a list of the associations below:

Trevisani Nel Mondo

The primary goal of our association is to form into one community all the Trevisani people residing in Melbourne, Australia and to continue its long history and traditions.

We will promote the cultural and creative activities of the Treviso region and continue to preserve and enhance the virtues and characteristics of the people of Treviso. It is our prerogative to continue to strengthen the bond of the Treviso community in Melbourne, Australia together with the traditional and original historians through to the second and third generations of Trevisani.


Communita Montana Dei 7 Comuni Melbourne

The Comunita Montana Dei 7 Comuni is an incorporated association whose members have links with the Altopiano Di Asiagio. The Altopiano is a cluster of seven municipalities surrounded by a number of villages and hamlets situated on the northern border of the province of Vicenza. The region is known for its beauty, unique culture and history. The Comunita’s purpose is to maintain cultural, social and economic ties among members and with citizens of the Altopiano dei Setti Comuni.

Membership is open to all persons and enquiries can be made by contacting:

Giorgia Rizzato on 0402 831 312