Gymnastics / Fitness

Nexus Gym is located at the Veneto Club.

At Nexus, we specialise in working closely with you to help develop full body functionality fitness.

Daniel Morton, owner and head Personal Trainer at Nexus, has more than 17 years industry experience, specialising in body fat reduction and strength training. Daniel creates unique movement and exercise programs that are tailored to your individual needs, as well as providing supportive nutritional plans to serve your specific goals and lifestyle requirements.

We help our clients get genuine results – and support them to maintain their successful transformation.

Our clients lose an average of 4kgs of body fat in their first 6 weeks of active training with us!

We are all about RESULTS. Our commitment is that, no matter what your goals are, we will invest the extra time and knowledge in every individual.


Nexus Fitness: 9850 9005