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The Chefs behind the Cuisine

Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes before your mouth watering meal is served to you?

There’s a team of highly talented chefs and kitchen staff all bustling around frantically behind a huge kitchen filled with hot plates, grills, and ovens , nursing the pasta until it’s cooked al dente, or stirring the polenta to ensure it comes out creamy and with no lumps.  So who are they you ask?

Our Head Chef is David Gauci and he is supported by Sous Chefs, Romina Lamanna and Luka Strehar.

Romina is of similar age and migrated to Australia from Italy about ten years ago with her husband and young family. Growing up in Calabria, Romina went to hospitality school and went on to run and own her own restaurant in her home town. She’s eternally gratefully to her Nonna for introducing her to cooking and has fond childhood memories of mastering the local recipes under her watchful eye.

David,  Romina and Luka have one thing in common – food and cooking has been a big part of their lives from a young age and they are all equally passionate about producing high quality dishes. Together they run a well synced kitchen and manage a team of around thirty staff over an average week.

Whilst they all have separate lead responsibilities, they work together as a leadership team to ensure that they plan effectively for upcoming events, maximise efficiencies and minimise wastage. The specials board in the bistro changes weekly – their collaborations – based on Veneto cuisine and influenced by the best local produce available.  Make sure you check out the specials the next time you visit our Bistro!

Our kitchen facilities are state of the art since the renovations were completed,  enabling the kitchen crews to easily dish up a thousand plates on weekends that are at capacity. I was surprised and proud by those impressive stats.

From our conversation it’s evident that David, Romina and Luka are a close knit group, and really enjoy working at the VC –  “we are well looked after here at the Veneto Club” and being around here  “it’s like a small Italian town within the walls of the Veneto Club” . They spend a considerable amount of time together and are a culinary family of sorts. I’m proud and impressed by their emotional connectedness and passion for their profession and the Veneto Club.

There are always opportunities to join this team, especially anyone that would like to embark on an apprenticeship in commercial cookery.   I couldn’t think of a better place to start a culinary career than under the guidance of this brilliant team – contact David on chef@venetoclub.com.au for more details

David, Romina and Luka,  our amazing team behind the Veneto Club kitchen.